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We provide solutions to a wide array of services.


Web-Based Online Alumni Management System helps institutes and colleges strategically build and maintain their alumni network, by facilitating engagement, community-building networking, communications and many other methods.

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web Services and hosting

Your one stop solution for all your web based needs. From WordPress to cloud services, we provide support, deployment and help you maintain.

business emails

Make your business grow and get better reach with our business emails. We are authorized reseller for Google GSuite. Depending upon your need we provide emails through custom servers.

payment gateway integration

Easy payment integrations. We are partnered with Instamojo to provide you and your business easy payment solutions.

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Hosting Services

We provide hosting service and support with low downtime and easy integration with add on services.

WordPress Websites and Support

We have a wide variety of packages for your new WordPress website.

Social Media Management

A wide variety of social media management solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Easy cloud services with support from deployment to maintenance.

Business Emails

We are authorized reseller for Google GSuite.

Payment Gateway Integrations

We are partnered with Instamojo to provide your business easy and reliable payment solutions.

What people say about us

Very much thankful to ttsio team, who not only build our news website on short notice, but also helping to update it continuously. The site is able to handle huge traffic with the help of latest caching and CDN technologies.
Lalan Mishra
UP DainikBhaskar
Excellent team, who build our website in less than 24 hours with multiple iterations.
Santosh Kerur
Akshay Digitech
Team of enthusiastic people helping our NGO social presence by updating website, providing payment gateway to enable us collect donations and also providing Google Gsuite world class email integration.
Ekta Foundation
Many thanks to the team, they manage our website, do daily updates on blogs, facebook, newsletters, whatsApp and other social platforms.
Ramesh Gulati

TTSIO7 is aimed to bring cloud solutions to people

  We’re located in Noida, India and are offering a wide range of IT services specializing in desktop, cloud, hosted and custom software solutions. At TTSIO you can shop for an array of web based services and development support, which include consultation, development and maintenance. We are committed to excellence in our services and work towards delivering high quality IT services to our customers. With dedicated professionals, we offer new and innovative Web services and Web related technology solutions. We strive to bridge the gap between client expectations and customer satisfaction, by providing best customized solutions.

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