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  • Next OnAir as it happens: All the announcements in one place
    Across our keynote presentations and breakout sessions over the nine weeks of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir, we’ll be sharing a wealth of news and updates on all things cloud. And we want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Check back in with this blog each week to see a running list of […]
  • Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir—Accelerating digital transformation in the cloud
    Today, I am excited to welcome you to Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir, our first digital event series that gives our community an opportunity to learn from top industry leaders and get inspired by our latest cloud innovations. As we’ve all experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live and work—for citizens, communities and […]
  • Helping ISVs leverage the power of Google Cloud
    Businesses run key applications in the cloud to take advantage of lower cost and increased global availability, security, and elasticity. And increasingly, enterprises are looking for more—they want greater deployment flexibility, they want to unlock the value of data through analytics and AI/ML, and they want to take advantage of the technology ecosystems that the […]
  • Announcing C2C, an independent community to serve, educate and connect Google Cloud customers
    Over the last several months, I’ve seen first-hand how the power of knowledge-sharing and community has galvanized our customers in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. Our customers are asking important questions, forging partnerships, and creating real solutions to today’s most challenging problems by harnessing the power of the cloud, and each other. It’s […]
  • Compliance without compromise: Introducing Assured Workloads for Government
    As U.S. government agencies and the enterprises that serve them adopt cloud technologies, security and compliance requirements around data locality and personnel access are key considerations. To meet these requirements, many cloud providers have built separate environments, with standalone data centers, to run government workloads. But these “government cloudsâ€� don’t come with the technology and […]
  • Bringing multi-cloud analytics to your data with BigQuery Omni
    Today, we are introducing BigQuery Omni, a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution that lets you cost-effectively access and securely analyze data across Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure (coming soon), without leaving the familiar BigQuery user interface (UI). Using standard SQL and the same BigQuery APIs our customers love, you will be able to […]
  • Introducing Google Cloud Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs
    At Google, we believe the future of cloud computing will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services that give users confidence that they are always in control over the confidentiality of their data. Google Cloud encrypts data at-rest and in-transit, but customer data must be decrypted for processing. Confidential Computing is a breakthrough technology which encrypts data […]
  • Caring for caregivers: UNC’s Heroes Health Initiative supports healthcare workers’ mental health
    The COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on the U.S. healthcare system and its people. First responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines face incredible challenges, both physical and mental. Healthcare workers were vulnerable to depression and suicide before COVID-19. Now the problem is more acute, with first responders and frontline healthcare workers reporting […]
  • Kicking off Google Cloud Next '20: OnAir, a multi-week, digital event series: July 14 - Sept 8
    Starting this week, I am excited to welcome you to Google Cloud Next ‘20 OnAir, our reimagined, 9 week digital event series bringing together our global community of Googlers, customers, partners, analysts, press and more. As I’ve shared, our team has been hard at work to evolve our flagship event into an immersive and impactful […]
  • AutoML Tables: end-to-end workflows on AI Platform Pipelines
    AutoML Tables lets you automatically build, analyze, and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models using your own structured data. It’s useful for a wide range of machine learning tasks, such as asset valuations, fraud detection, credit risk analysis, customer retention prediction, analyzing item layouts in stores, solving comment section spam problems, quickly categorizing audio content, predicting […]