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  • Emaar: Improving customer engagement across industries with APIs
    Editor's note: Today’s post comes from Binoo Joseph, CIO, and Venkadesh Sivalingam, integration architect at Emaar. Based in Dubai, Emaar is a real-estate development company operating across a number of verticals, including properties, shopping malls, hospitality, and entertainment. Learn how Emaar develops new customer experiences using APIs.Emaar is known worldwide for our luxurious properties and […]
  • Exploring an Apache Kafka to Pub/Sub migration: Major considerations
    The fastest way to migrate a business application into Google Cloud is to use the lift and shift strategy—and part of that transition is migrating any OSS, or third-party services that the application uses. But sometimes it can be more efficient and beneficial to leverage Google Cloud services instead. One of the services that customers often […]
  • What’s happening in BigQuery: New federated queries, easier ML, and more metadata
    BigQuery, Google Cloud’s petabyte-scale data warehouse, lets you ingest and analyze data quickly and with high availability, so you can find new insights, trends, and predictions to efficiently run your business. Our engineering team is continually making improvements to BigQuery so you can get even more out of it. Recently added BigQuery features include new […]
  • New GA Dataproc features extend data science and ML capabilities
    The life of a data scientist can be challenging. If you’re in this role, your job may involve anything from understanding the day-to-day business behind the data to keeping up with the latest machine learning academic research. With all that a data scientist must do to be effective, you shouldn’t have to worry about migrating […]
  • Admin Essentials: Improving Chrome Browser extension management through permissions
    IT teams often look for best practices on managing extensions to avoid exposing company IP, leaving open security holes and compromising the productivity of end users. Fortunately, there are several options available to admins for extension management in Chrome. I’m going to cover one of them in more detail in this Admin Essentials post. Several  configuration […]
  • Cheaper Cloud AI deployments with NVIDIA T4 GPU price cut
    Google Cloud offers a wide range of GPUs to accelerate everything from AI deployment to 3D visualization. These use cases are now even more affordable with the price reduction of the NVIDIA T4 GPU. As of early January, we’ve reduced T4 prices by more than 60%, making it the lowest cost GPU instance on Google […]
  • 4 ways Anthos delivers ROI to customers, according to new Forrester Consulting Study
    In our conversations with technology leaders about Anthos, we quickly get into the strategic questions about long term transformation and selection of the right technology architectures. At the heart of those discussions is an exploration of the potential economic value to their organization. So we commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview a few early adopters of […]
  • Introducing Google Cloud’s Secret Manager
    Many applications require credentials to connect to a database, API keys to invoke a service, or certificates for authentication. Managing and securing access to these secrets is often complicated by secret sprawl, poor visibility, or lack of integrations.Secret Manager is a new Google Cloud service that provides a secure and convenient method for storing API […]
  • Want to use AutoML Tables from a Jupyter Notebook? Here’s how
    While there’s no doubt that machine learning (ML) can be a great tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes, actually building ML models can seem daunting at first. Cloud AutoML—Google Cloud’s suite of products—provides tools and functionality to help you build ML models that are tailored to your specific needs, without needing deep ML […]
  • New Anthos training: a masterclass in hybrid cloud architecture and management
    You’re moving faster than ever to build new applications, innovate, and bring value to your customers. Anthos, Google Cloud’s open application modernization platform, can help you modernize your existing applications, making them more portable, maintainable, scalable and secure. And now, our newest learning specialization, Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos, is live, showing how you […]