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  • 8 production-ready features you’ll find in Cloud Run fully managed
    Since we launched Cloud Run at Google Cloud Next in April, developers have discovered that “serverlessâ€� and “containersâ€� run well together. With Cloud Run, not only do you benefit from fully managed infrastructure, up and down auto-scaling, and pay-as-you-go pricing, but you’re also able to package your workload however you like, inside a stateless container […]
  • Packet Mirroring: Visualize and protect your cloud network
    As networks grow in complexity, network and security administrators need to be able to analyze and monitor network traffic to respond to security breaches and attacks. However, in public cloud environments, getting access to network traffic can be challenging.Many customers use advanced security and traffic inspection tools on-prem, and need the same tools to be […]
  • New features for contextualized gameplay and new games built with Google Maps
    To date, ten mobile games built with Google Maps Platform are live with 9 million daily active users worldwide playing them during the month of November alone. Today we’re announcing new features to help create more immersive and engaging gameplay experiences and giving you a rundown of the most recent games built with Google Maps […]
  • New climate model data now in Google Public Datasets
    Exploring public datasets is an important aspect of modern data analytics, and all this gathered data can help us understand our world. At Google Cloud, we maintain a collection of public datasets, and we’re pleased to collaborate with the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University and the Pangeo Project to host the latest climate […]
  • Learning—and teaching—the art of service-level objectives -- CRE Life Lessons
    Avid readers of CRE Life Lessons blog posts (there are dozens of us!) will appreciate the value of well-tuned service-level indicators (SLIs) and service-level objectives (SLOs). These concepts are fundamental building blocks of a site reliability engineering (SRE) practice. After all, how can you have a meaningful discussion about the reliability you want your services […]
  • Modernize your apps with Migrate for Anthos
    In a perfect cloud world, you would host all your applications in containers running on Kubernetes and Istio, benefitting from the portability and improved resource utilization of containers, plus a robust orchestration platform with advanced application management, networking, and security functionality. This is easy to do if you’re developing a new application, but it can […]
  • The Speed Read with Quentin Hardy: Year in review
    At the end of the year, we take stock of the past 12 months, and look to what the coming year will bring. For cloud computing, that means more, sliced even finer.Welcome to the Speed Read, the “2020 Visionâ€� edition.Let’s start with the business landscape. In 2019, global enterprises continued a substantial move into cloud […]
  • Protecting your GCP infrastructure with Forseti Config Validator part four: Using Terraform Validator
    In the previous posts of this series, we discussed how you can secure your infrastructure at scale by applying security policies as code to continuously monitor your environment with the Config Validator policy library and Forseti. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can reuse the exact same policies and Terraform Validator to preventively check […]
  • Expanding the serverless ecosystem for Cloud Run
    Increasingly, organizations want to write applications in containers, without having to worry about provisioning, managing and scaling the underlying infrastructure. They also want to pay only for what they use. Cloud Run, which recently became generally available, makes this possible, with additional facilities like built-in logging and monitoring through Stackdriver.Organizations also want to leverage their […]
  • From Sheets to Apps: how to curate and send content automatically with a simple script
    No matter the size of your business or the industry, sharing information is natural. It’s what makes a company run. And if you work in marketing, you understand that content can be valuable to people long after it’s been shared. From whitepapers to ebooks to videos, businesses put a lot of effort into making content, but […]