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  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan collects insights from 700,000 vending machines with Vertex AI
    Cola-Cola Bottlers Japan operates about 700,000 vending machines across JapanJapan is home to millions of vending machines installed on streets and in buildings, sports stadiums and other facilities. Vending machine owners and operators, including beverage manufacturers, stock these machines with different product combinations depending on location and demand. For example, they primarily display coffee and […]
  • What’s new with Google Cloud
    Want to know the latest from Google Cloud? Find it here in one handy location. Check back regularly for our newest updates, announcements, resources, events, learning opportunities, and more. Tip: Not sure where to find what you’re looking for on the Google Cloud blog? Start here: Google Cloud blog 101: Full list of topics, links, and resources.Week of […]
  • Sayurbox reduces itinerary and job assignments from one day to less than ten minutes using Google Maps Platform
    Today's post comes from Rama Notowidigdo, Co-Founder at Sayurbox, an Indonesian food platform that brings same-day delivery of fresh, pesticide-free produce from traditional farmers straight to city doorsteps.The heart of Indonesia lies in its farming traditions, and we have an amazing heritage that's reflected in the variety of crops we produce. Mangosteen, cassava, coconuts, shallots, […]
  • ICYMI - Top AI Announcements and Sessions from Google Cloud Next ‘21
    Google Cloud Next is our chance to share what we’ve been working on with customers, partners, and the AI/ML community, and, I am excited to say that we didn’t disappoint. At Next 2021, we continued to build successfully on our promise of making AI more accessible, more focused on business outcomes, and fast-tracking the time-to-value for […]
  • Leveraging APIs to create value for telco ecosystems: STC's digital transformation
    Editor's note: Today we hear from Haitham AlFaraj, Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations, Yazeed Alfaris, Vice President of Application, and Faisal  Alhatlani, Applications Planning & Control GM from STC, which does business as “STC.” Since 1998, STC has been a telecommunications leader in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding region. Learn how STC uses […]
  • Tau T2D VMs now in Preview: Independent testing validates market-leading price-performance
    In June, we announced a new virtual machine (VM) family, Tau VMs, that extends Compute Engine’s VM offerings with an option that delivers the best price-performance among leading clouds for scale-out workloads. The first member of the Tau VM family, T2D, is now available in Preview. This week, we are excited to share the results […]
  • Avoiding GCF anti-patterns part 1: How to write event-driven Cloud Functions properly by coding with idempotency in mind
    Editor's note: Over the next several weeks, you'll see a series of blog posts focusing on best practices for writing Google Cloud Functions based on common questions or misconceptions as seen by the Support team. We refer to these as "anti-patterns" and offer you ways to avoid them. This article is the first post in […]
  • Bring no-code apps to your Gmail inbox. Here’s how.
    Last week weannounced AppSheet in Gmail, a new feature that lets you use custom-built no-code applications, created in AppSheet, directly in your inbox as a dynamic email. Too often, daily workflows are spread across multiple applications, slowing productivity as we navigate from one app to another and back again. By putting business apps and email […]
  • Accelerating MPI applications using Google Virtual NIC (gVNIC)
    At Google, we are constantly improving the performance of our network infrastructure. We recently introduced Google Virtual NIC (gVNIC), a virtual network interface designed specifically for Compute Engine. gVNIC is an alternative to the VirtIO-based Ethernet driver. It is tightly integrated with our high performance, flexible Andromeda virtual network stack and is required to enable […]
  • Using AI to transform traditional approaches to online learning
    The combination of a vital need for IT experts among businesses and a digital skills gap is making lifelong learning increasingly critical. Beyond professional development, learning new skills offers additional rewards from building peer connections to boosting your creativity. That’s why in 2020 Krishna Deepak Nallamilli and I launched to reimagine how people approach […]